About Us

At Phillips Schroeder Surety we believe placing bonds should be easy, never complicated – so we put our clients at the heart of what we do. We pour our years of experience into providing you with the best service and access to the best price on the market, every single time.


Why We Exist

After more than 10 years working in the surety market, we found that it was difficult to find a broker that added value and really, truly put their clients first. Instead, placing a bond was complex, time-consuming and it was all too easy to pay over the odds.

We wanted to change that, so we flipped the script and created a service that puts clients at the heart of everything we do – from demystifying their first bond through to long-term, cost-saving bond strategies that make sure everyone goes home happy.


How We Do Business

We believe in a surety solution built on integrity, ingenuity and the power of expertise. This is how we put it into practice so it works for you:

Bespoke Strategy

Our 10+ years of specialist experience allows us to tailor the best possible surety strategy for your business – no-one else’s.

Fair Pricing

We guarantee you the best rate available and take you through your options with full transparency, so you can make an informed decision.

Fast Responses

Our people are productive, never overworked: so they can give you faster access to quotes, wording reviews and bond issuances, as quickly as you need them.

Personalised Service

Each of our clients has a dedicated account manager, so they can build an in-depth understanding of your business needs. It’s a relationship that will last for as long as you work with us.


Who We Are

Meet the team delivering your personalised service


Rick Phillips


Rick has worked in the surety market since graduating a decade ago with a degree in Business and Law. After cutting his teeth on construction sites while still at university (often when he was supposed to be in lectures) he gained an encyclopedic knowledge of the industry, something that became seriously useful once he graduated and began working as an underwriter. It comes in even more use now at PS Surety, where his dual-experience of being an industry-insider and underwriter benefit his clients and sureties alike.

Opportunities to get his hands dirty are now limited, so Rick decided to buy a 1940's home to restore at weekends. He does not recommend living in a restoration project, nor does he recommend demolishing your kitchen before you can afford a new one.


Jens Schroeder


Jens began his surety career back in 2000 when he joined Munich-based Wenzl Assekuranzmakler and went on to expand the Wenzl brand globally. With his experience as a lawyer and an industry veteran, Jens is now the go-to surety broker for complex projects around the globe.

Today, Jens has brokered the bonds on mammoth projects from London's Crossrail to Germany's A7 Autobahn, The Gotthard Tunnel and even the Panama Canal. Further information on Jens and these projects can be found on the Wenzl website in Deutsch or English, if you don’t "sprechen sie Deutsch".


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